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We are a National Writing Project site committed to improving student literacy through the development of the leadership, voice, and professionalism of teachers. By supporting and developing teachers, MWP facilitates ongoing learning and collaboration among teachers, empowering them to meet educational goals and challenges.

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Upside Down

When I was approached to write about COVID-19, I said I would but I had no idea what I was going to write. Please understand that my mind is all over the place as this is nothing I ever imagined. I just want to be back in my classroom with my second graders.  It hasContinue reading “Upside Down”

Helpless to Help

The impact of COVID-19 on education started off with a swift and fierce impact even before Gov. Tim Walz declared that schools would be shut down. When the NBA announced that the season would be suspended on Wednesday, March 11th, it became incredibly hard to teach for the rest of that week. It was clearContinue reading “Helpless to Help”

An Introduction

The Minnesota Writing Project is approaching its 30th year of supporting literacy learning for K–College teachers and students across the state. With so many initiatives dreamt and enacted over the past three decades, it seems easier to encapsulate the work of so many teachers and leaders by asking a question rather than making a statementContinue reading “An Introduction”

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